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What Does Mobile Mean Today?

In this insight piece, we dissect the meaning of "mobile" today. Often, the financial services industry focuses too much on "mobile banking" and forgets about mobile in the context of everyday life.

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P2P Payments: What does the data say?

How do you pay a friend? That question has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years: moving from an answer of “cash” or “check” (or maybe a promised beer) to, frequently today, a mobile app. New data from Narmi shows a surprising contrast to the press releases from major players.

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Keep the Teller, Fire the ATM!

A new bogeyman is again threatening banking employee jobs: the mobile banking app. Similar to previous rounds of automation, banking apps will make human bankers even more integral to the bank experience - what will be less necessary are those machines for physical cash. So fire the ATMs and hire more bank staff!

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