About Us

A Company Dedicated to Advancing Banking

The Mission

Narmi is a superior mobile and online banking platform for regional and community financial institutions (RCFIs). Banking through these digital channels hasn’t changed in years and has become an antiquated, transactional experience when it should be a high engagement, data-driven experience.

There are over 10,000 RCFIs in the United States today. Narmi empowers them to better attract, engage, and retain customers through its best-in-class online and mobile banking platform. With Narmi’s help, RCFIs will be able to better compete with larger institutions and challenger banks to create a more diverse and engaging financial ecosystem.

The Story

Nikhil Lakhanpal and Chris Griffin met at Georgetown University in 2009. Together, they led the Georgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union as CEO and CIO, respectively. While serving these roles, they became aware of the sub-par online and mobile banking offerings utilized by the majority of regional and community financial institutions. Nikhil and Chris felt they did not have the right technology available to retain and engage their customer base. Over seven years later and after gaining experience at some of the largest banks in the world, Nikhil and Chris realized the problems they faced at Georgetown are more prevalent than ever, and began Narmi to tackle them.


Phillip Baker

Phillip helps lead the engineering team at Narmi. He previously was an Engineering Manager at DigitalOcean and also worked at General Assembly. When he's not building the next generation banking platform he enjoys biking along the Hudson River and traveling.

Chris Griffin

Chris co-founded Narmi. Chris has long had a passion for web technology and finance, and is excited to help shape the future of community banks and credit unions around the country. Chris used to be the Chief Information Officer at a credit union and also used to be a delta one equity trader at Barclays.

Nikhil Lakhanpal

Nikhil co-founded Narmi. His passion for improving financial technology stems from his experience as CEO of the Georgetown University Credit Union. Prior to Narmi, he worked in Citigroup's investment banking group focused on mergers & acquisitions. He loves traveling (usually to scuba friendly locations) and is a half-decent cook.


Theo Moumtzidis

Theo has over 20 years of experience advising banks, government sponsored enterprises and agencies, credit card issuers, private equity and venture capital firms, online banking service providers, and various startups. He is currently a Managing Director of Delos Advisors which advises senior management at financial institutions across the Americas.

David Legge

David has worked with hundreds of credit unions over the last 35 years and holds a deep passion for the credit union community. His expertise includes policy writing, compliance management, problem resolution related to NCUA findings, and internal control & supervisory committee structure. He is currently the President and CEO of the LeggeGroup.